Checking In

I apologize for not writing recently, but i guess as they say, no news is good news! There has not been very much exciting happening, but nothing very bad either.

I did go for my sleep study in November, and I think it went okay even though it felt like I was awake most of the time. I had to switch CPAP supply companies as the one I was working with no longer carries the type of headgear I use, so now it is a waiting game for the new one to process my prescription. Then I will find out if my pressure has changed.

Due to issues with my sinuses, I have been taking benadryl at night, and seem to be sleeping somewhat better with that.

The number on the scale is still not moving much, but I do know that my body is continuing to change and shift. I think next week I will mix my diet up some, and switch to protein shakes for two or three of my five meals each day, and try to trick my body. It can’t hurt!

I am still doing a variety of exercises at the gym, and walking more around my close area on days I don’t make it there. I love the gym so much still, I just have to make sure I can get there and not go broke.

On that note, I have a side story from earlier this week that pretty much sums up all of my negative and positive experiences on this journey. I went to the gym on Wednesday, as I know some of you saw the picture I posted. I did 8 minutes on the arc trainer, over two miles on the treadmill at various intensities, and my arm resistance strength training.

Well then an idea popped into my head. There is a regular bus that goes between the gym and my apartment. I am not at a place yet to take it on the way there, as I don’t yet feel comfortable crossing two very busy streets. But on the way home, both getting on and off is on the correct side of the road. So I decided to give it a try.

I had looked before, and used the bus system’s app, to figure out where to stop to get on should be. I set out from the gym to Eureka Road, which is past a couple stores in a strip mall and a CVS. Then I cross the mall entrance and walk along Eureka.

I could not find the stop!! I don’t know if the sign came down from a storm or a person, but I walked up and down that road with no luck. I ended up having to walk back to the gym and request a ride from Uber as usual, and pay over $12 compared to 50 cents for the bus.

I was infuriated with the bus system, and still am not real thrilled with them, but then I changed my perspective. In trying to do the bus, I walked probably between a half and three quarters of a mile, after a workout!! It amazes me what I am able to do now!! How cool is that?

I realize that probably sounds silly to some, but as I have learned, I have to soak up all these experiences and bask in them to truly appreciate just how far I’ve come, literally and figuratively. And how important perspective can be as well.

On the housing front, I am moving closer to an interview with the complex in Romulus. I got a letter last weekend that they needed another signature from me. They also needed the Social Security benefits letter from the agency directly, even though I printed one out for them from my account. When I called her to verify, the woman said my packet was done very well and she was impressed with my thoroughness. I just got the new letter, so I am going to fax it either today or Monday. So hopefully I will have that interview in the next week or two.

Also coming up this week is my next set of eye injections on Monday morning. They are pretty routine at this point, but still my least favorite procedure. I always get scared that my eyes are not numb enough.

Well, for not having much to say, I guess I have said quite a bit! I will close for now, and promise to check back with all of you more often.

Have a wonderful weekend, I love you all!


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