Appointment Updates

Happy Friday to all. I haved been do I’m by good, fitting into more and more 2x shirts recently, so that is very exciting!!

Yesterday I returned to wound care. My groin wound has not been causing any issues, until I got to the exam room LOL. The nurse took me back, and she has to measure and take pictures, etc. At first she thought it was healed, and I was thrilled. But then she gets a flashlight and determines it is very superficial but not healed. Then another nurse had to come in to take the picture. When they try to take it, they realize the first one made it bleed!! I compare it to a scab or pimple that you pick at. So, of course when the PA comes in, it looks good but not as good as it should have. She said to just keep doing what I’m doing and see here in about a month. I think it won’t completely heal until after I get skin removal surgery. At least it is not too bothersome.

Today I went to the pulmonologist for my sleep apnea, and the most important thing is I get an order for a new sleep study, as well as a prescription for new supplies. I will call to schedule the study on Monday morning. This will determine if my pressure on my CPAP needs to be lowered, which is quite possible and may also be the cause of the mask seal issue I have been experiencing. He said he wanted me to increase my sleep hours every night, and I wanted to say DUH, don’t you think I would if I could! Haha!! Unless the sleep study shows major issues, I shouldn’t have to go back to that office until my weight loss is complete.

That pretty much sums up my week. I just keep plugging away, because all the little things are adding up to huge gains (or losses, if you will)! This weekend, probably Sunday, I will be sharing two new recipes on Facebook, so be on the lookout for them.

I love you all to the moon and back. Thanks for reading!


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