Odds and Ends

Good evening. I have a lot of little things going on, so I thought I would put them all together in one post.

First off, I saw my primary care doctor yesterday. Everything went well and fairly uneventful. One thing is she mentioned she would like me to take a baby aspirin daily. However, after bariatric surgery, patients are advised not to take any aspirin products for life. She still thinks I will be okay taking it, so I have to contact my surgeon to ask him.

The bigger news is this: I fasted so that she could do bloodwork if she wanted. The results came back today already, and the exciting thing is my fasting a1c was 5.1!! Pre-diabetic is considered between 5.7 and 6.1. And my blood sugars have been consistent around 100 since I stopped taking metformin last week. The doctor noted on my labs that all of my levels are in normal ranges, and I go back for my annual physical in February.

I have an appointment with the pulmonologist next Friday for my sleep apnea checkup, and the day before I go to wound care again. My wound has not been an issue for a while, so I just want to go and see what they have to say.

I find myself continuously blessed in so many little ways so often. I just got an email from Uber for a promotion of 50 percent off my next 10 rides through this Sunday, so Planet Fitness here I come!! That is too good of a deal not to pass up. I might taked one of those days and do something fun if I can think of anything! Also, I should be able to restart the door to door transportation service on November 1, so that will bring my costs down as well.

I haven’t heard anything on housing yet. I do have another place to go apply to. It’s a senior and public housing complex in Melvindale. I thought I had applied with the others last year, but apparently I never submitted the paperwork (probably because I got into my current place so quickly). So I will have to get up there to pick up the application, fill it out, and submit it soon. I wouldn’t be so far away from everyone, and the high school is right next door with a track I could go walk on for exercise.

I mentioned previously about having to return and exchange the 3x shirts for 2x. Unfortunately one could not be exchanged so they refunded my cost, but the other shirt arrived today. And guess what, the 2x fits perfectly!! I am still shocked! Of course, it all depends on the brand how things fit, as all shirts are not made equally LOL.

So was this all random enough for you? I warned you ha-ha!!! I love you all, and I thank you for continuing to come along this journey with me!


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