Weight Center Appointments

I saw the dietician, exercise physiologist, and nurse practitioner today for my 9-month postop checkups.

I will start with the biggest news first. As I posted on Facebook earlier, my NP took me off of metformin and Norvasc (blood pressure)! That makes no more diabetes meds and only one blood pressure pill, greatly reduced from the 3-4 I was on not too long ago. It’s non-scale victories like this that reaffirm the surgery was the best thing I could have ever done!

The NP said she is so proud of how far I’ve come. When I go back in January, they will do another bone density scan, which will be interesting to see how much has changed. I mentioned to her that I would love to be down in the 200s by that time, but we both agreed that I am not going to get too stressed out over it or be disappointed if I don’t quite get there.

The visit with the dietician went smoothly, and we did not really have any issues to discuss. She did give me ideas suitable for both sweet and salty cravings, as well as some appropriate dessert recipes. I haven’t really had bad cravings yet, just some quick passing thoughts about foods, usually after seeing a commercial for something LOL. When I try some of those recipes I will share them, and I will be available for any upcoming holiday gatherings haha!

I had never met this physiologist yet, but he was very nice, and I always appreciate getting different insights and approaches. He said a lot of what I am currently doing is great, but did have some recommendations. With strength training, he said the exercises that are multiple muscle, I should concentrate on more weight and less reps. I can keep on doing the same on the single muscle ones. He also gave me better positions for squats, and suggested that I do them in front of a chair but don’t sit all the way down. It would just be there if I need it. I tried a few in front of him and felt comfortable. As for walking outside, he had an interesting suggestion that I might look into: he said some people are now using ski poles as walking poles to help with balance as well as use their arms more. I am going to see how expensive they are.

All in all a great day! Next Monday I see my primary care physician, and this week I am going to call about scheduling a sleep study as I am sure my cpap settings need to be adjusted, and I may need a new mask. I will keep you updated as always.

Have a wonderful night everyone, I love you all!


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