Month Nine Check In

Tomorrow will mark nine months since surgery, time is racing by!

I saw my surgeon today, and weighed in at 345 pounds!! That’s 93 down since surgery, and 213 total! I may be losing at a slightly slower pace, but I am still losing, and so proud of how far I’ve come. This is definitely not the easy way out, as some critics say!

The surgeon’s visit was very quick, but he seemed pleased with my progress and I will see him in 3 months. My hope is to be in the 200s by then, but I will not stress out too much or make myself sick over it.

It is feeling great going back to the gym again on a more regular basis. I like to get the most of my trips, so I will try to do 1.5 to 2 hours at each session as long as I am up to it. It’s amazing to feel exhausted and energized at the same time!

With it starting to get cooler, I had to take an assessment of my clothing situation, and I realized I only had 1 long-sleeve shirt and no jacket. I had grown (or shrunk) out of my clothes from last winter! I found 3 shirts and a jacket online on sale, and I ordered a 3x for each of them. The jacket I haven’t received yet, but I tried on the shirts Friday. Get this – I actually have to exchange two of the shirts for a smaller size!! I am starting to fit into 2x shirts!!!! And this is more proof that I am dropping inches left and right. No wonder I am feeling better and better!

I am so happy to be getting those clothes, too, because as most people were enjoying this gorgeous fall cold front over the weekend, I froze!! I had sweasts and my one long sleeve shirt on the whole time LOL. Being cold so easily still does not feel right to me haha!

I think I will go for now. I have my next round of eye injections tomorrow. They’re not physically painful, but they are a pain in the butt!

I love you all so much, talk to you again very soon!


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