Eight Months Since Surgery

This year is really flying by! I honestly can’t believe it has been that long since my surgery. Despite some of the troubles, it has gone by very quickly.

Medically speaking, I am in kind of a lull time with no appointments scheduled until next month (although we all know that is subject to change). I just keep plugging away at my journey, and even though the scale is still a fickle friend, I, and others around me, can tell I am still losing inches a lot, so the numbers should catch up any day now.

A funny little side story: if you follow me on Facebook, then you saw me dressed up for my niece’s wedding last month. I looked and felt great, and the whole experience gave me even more confidence. I had to laugh though, because I had just bought the pants a week before the wedding, and the day of I had to keep pulling them up because they were loose! Even the belt was only doing so much help. When I shopped for them, the saleswoman measured me at a 59, so I was swimming in a 60, and the 58 I bought at the time seemed just right with a belt. I never even dreamed of trying on a 56, which I may have been able to use LOL!

Last week was a mentally-exhausting week for me. Everything was coming due financially, including my first increased rent payment. Of course this was also after the expense of the wedding (which I wouldn’t trade for the world!). I am going to have a couple tight weeks money-wise, but I should be okay by the middle of the month. I have had to take a little break from the gym, however, as it costs over $20 per trip to go there. (More on the gym and exercise later).

The big stress last week though was with my insurance matters, which I thought were all settled. I had found a state program through Aetna that I was told would cover all of my existing services, so I switched over in August. However, I found out from my county caseworker that Aetna and other companies have a history of not paying for the home help that I wanted to stay with, who has been a complete Godsend. Apparently, they tell clients that they can stay with their agency of choice, but then don’t pay them, and don’t ever send their own people to do the care, and just take the money from the state. Last week was several dozen phone calls, totaling over 8 hours of time, going back and forth between my county office, Michigan Benefits Enrolls, Aetna, Social Security, and Medicare. Now, I am back to straight Medicare and Medicaid, but had to sign up for a no-cost Medicare Part D prescription plan, which won’t go into effect for 2-3 weeks. I should still be able to see my most important doctors and centers, and hopefully this is the last of the stress. It was so draining at times that I was in tears. I wouldn’t wish this kind of trouble on my worst enemy.

So, on to happier things! Despite not being able to get to the gym, I have found new things to do at and around my apartment. I have started doing both chair and standing squats a few times a week. I almost always go down the steps in my building if I have to leave, check mail, or meet someone, and sometimes go up. If I have extra trash that I want to get out my apartment before trash day, I take it outside to the back of the building and put it the dumpsters. And, last week both Monday and Friday, I walked to the post office! The best part is that even though I still have to be cautious walking on all the uneven pavements and cracks, I didn’t feel like a complete drunk like the first time I did it! Yesterday, I got in over 6,000 steps and never went to the gym, just a couple stores, and most of the time in those I was not pushing a cart. Confidence and self-esteem continue to grow exponentially!!

When I do get back to the gym, I have so many options available to me that I am really excited to mix things up even more. Of course I have my leg and arm strength training (remembering to check the resistance from now on LOL), and for cardio I have the treadmill, recumbent bike, regular bike, rowing machine, stair climber, Ark trainer, and soon again I will try the elliptical. I don’t know about you, but I know that I never imagined I would be interested in so many choices, and that I have arrived at a place where I can comfortably try them!

My housing search continues, with both setbacks and progress. I put in pre-applications for three different co-op complexes that are primarily senior-based but I thought had units for mobility-impaired as well. These were in Ecorse, Belleville, and Dearborn Heights. Well, Saturday I got a notice that the first two are only 62+ apartments, so I guess I am on the waiting list for Dearborn Heights. This week I am going to look into some complexes in Taylor that are closer to expressways than I originally thought.

I will close for now. I apologize for not writing a report in a little while, but last week really took so much out of me. I know things can only go up from here, and still believe that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn’t immediately clear. Thanks for reading and continuing to be interested. I love you all immensely!


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