Major Accomplishment

As most of you saw yesterday on Facebook, I have officially reached over 200 pounds lost from my highest weight. That was completed in about 19 1/2 months! That fact continues to astound me! I can’t get over how much that, even though I still have a long way to go, that I have my life back in so many ways!

My NP at the weight center is very happy with my progress. It was kind of funny because we kept looking at why the numbers have slowed down. She repeatedly said that she didn’t want me thinking she was harping on me, it was just that she can see that I am doing everything right so we wanted to rule out any possible issues. We pretty much came to the conclusion that the body is still trying to catch up to me. Having lost so much in the year before surgery, the body is probably still in shock and saying Hold Up Here!! That is why I am paying attention to the numbers less and less. I know how I feel, how my clothes feel, my diabetes is gone essentially, blood pressure under control, down to less than half my original prescription medications, ,etc. I could not have done this without my tool, and I still plan to continue my success!

They took some blood to make sure vitamin levels are still good, and also I finally got to discuss my sleeping issue. She wrote me a prescription for a low-dose of Ambien to try, so as soon as I can drop it off and pick it up, I will give that a shot. If I experience any of the side effects or wake up with dirty dishes in the sink that weren’t there when I went to bed, I will stop it. But hopefully this will help me sleep throughout the night!

I don’t go back to the weight center until October 9, and it seems crazy that it will then be 9 months post op! This year has really flown by!

Elsewhere, I have not been back to the gym since Tuesday, as my back is better but still not great. Yesterday, after finally getting home, I had to take a pain pill. It seems pretty good today, but I wanted to be safe and give it one more day to relax. As long as I am up to it tomorrow, I will return and do both cardio and strength training, but at an appropriate pace. Again, I am not giving up, just listening to my body. I hate when things like this happen, because I am really enjoying trying different things at the gym, and if you don’t work out, you don’t know that feeling of being wiped out and totally energized at the same time!

My quest for a new place to live continues, with little progress, but a few epiphanies. I realized that I should not be limited to locations due to transportation, because the most important thing is to have rides for medical appointments, and insurance transportation should take care of that no matter where I am. And, if I am in a better location closer to shopping and a gym, my other transportation costs won’t be so high as they are now. Also, I am trying to get out of Section 8 housing and looking for strictly income-based leases. Here, I am penalized for trying to earn and save money. Just doing my work-at-home part time job for under 10 hours a week, they raised my rent over $100 a month, and this place is not worth that much. Before that, I was just thinking about looking for a part-time job outside of the home, maybe working 20 hours a week or so somewhere, as my confidence is getting so much better. But if I did that, all that money would go to rent. The next few months here are going to be pretty tight for me. I found a couple options, but not a lot yet, so if anyone has any leads, please let me know. I would love to be in a semi-central location like Livonia, Farmington, etc, but really anywhere north or west of River Rouge would be an improvement LOL!

I think there were other things that I wanted to discuss this morning, but they have escaped my mind at this time, so I will bring this to a close. Your support and encouragement still amaze me, I love you all so much!


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