Six Months Post-Op

I can not get over the fact that six months has gone by since my surgery, and all that has happened in the last year and a half. It still amazes me!

I saw my surgeon today for follow-up, and lets get into the numbers:

Heaviest known weight: 558 on 12/31/15

Surgery weight: 438 on 1/3/17

Today’s weight: 360

78 pounds gone since surgery, and 198 gone forever overall! Surgeon is very happy with the progress and my health as a whole. He said my surgery scars are healing very well. He also said that I may have a small hernia near the belly button that we will keep an eye on. It does not hurt, so he said it may just be where my belly button comes in. Nothing to worry about at this point.  We talked about my kidney stone, and he did say that both kidney and gall stones are common after bariatric surgery, so he advised definitely keeping up on the fluids. My funniest moment was when we were discussing my lymphedema and the stomach apron, and he said that we will probably have to look at surgical options to remove the excess skin. I said yes, but inside I thought, “Duh!!” LOL!!

I wanted to tell you that I have gotten a big mood boost the past week to ten days with residents of my apartment building. I have had about a half dozen in that time tell me how good I am looking, even seeing me about 5 days apart. My one neighbor on this floor didn’t know I had the surgery, and when I told him all the details, he fist-bumped me and said that the effort is definitely showing, that he is noticing all the time, and to keep up the great work!

I have also noticed that clothes are continuing to fit differently, and all my flab and extra skin is constantly shifting, so I am positive I am losing inches like crazy. As I was discussing with my sister-in-law, I am quickly learning that that and my health are a better gauge of what is going on than the numbers on the scale. I have noticed that it hurts to sit in certain positions more often because my tailbone is more exposed. I have some back pain which I have not had before, and have found out that is common as well.  I bought two 2X shirts yesterday at Meijer, and even though I don’t think I am ready to wear them outside of the house, I could get them on and it is only a matter of time before they fit beautifully! The stomach apron and all the extra skin around my upper legs and thighs are really getting inconvenient sometimes, even though I know they are good signs. I know I am probably at least a year off from that type of surgery, but it will be such a blessing when I get it! I make my own soundtrack when I walk from parts of my skin slapping against other parts LOL!

Wednesday I see the dietician and exercise physiologist, and it will be interesting to hear what they both have to say. I know that at six months I am able to add back in some bread and such, but I want to very careful and cautious about it, and only add the right things. I also want to talk about strength training exercises for my legs and working those in so that maybe that will have some impact on the flab. I see a few machines at Planet Fitness that look interesting, but again I want to make sure I am doing the right ones. I will also ask her opinion on the 30-minute express workout at the gym, and see if she thinks it would be a good idea a couple times a week just to mix things up.

Also coming up this week on Thursday is Orientation and Assessment for the county door-to-door transportation, even though I have started using it. Supposedly it should not be a difficult appointment, and then he will approve me for transportation for a couple years. Hopefully there will not be any problems there.

Happy Independence Day tomorrow to all of you. For me this year the day is taking on a different meaning as I am going to celebrate my independence and getting my life back. What an unbelievable journey it has been so far, and it is far from over!

Love you all!


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