Good afternoon everyone. I am recovering fairly well from my kidney stone procedure this past Wednesday. The first couple days were a little touch-and-go with pain and sensitivity in that area down there, but for the most part that has gone away.

I will be calling the urologist early next week for a follow-up appointment, and there I hope that they determined what caused the stone, and maybe some ways to prevent more in the future.

I have to give a quick shout-out to Beaumont Health. I have had almost everything performed by them in my journey (except for Wound Care and my initial time at Detroit Receiving in the beginning). All the staffs at Taylor, Troy, Dearborn, and Wayne have been incredibly friendly and helpful. I never expected to not be so nervous in an OR, as I still have traumatic thoughts of all my surgeries as a child, but the nurses and techs have all made me feel relaxed, have treated me with respect and dignity, and made me as comfortable as the situations could be.  Because of my past, I still get very nervous in pre-op, but then the actual experience never is as bad as I think it will be. After I have left each hospital, the staff from the floor or center has called me the day after to make sure I am doing good and if I have any questions, and I have received thank you cards from the staff in the mail. The one from this week actually have everyone’s signature that I came in contact with, and they wrote who they were (recovery, pre-op nurse, etc). That little gesture means so much. Maybe other hospitals are doing this now, but Beaumont is the first I have seen. Great patient care and customer service!

I am still not very happy about having to remove the two-foot long stent at home, but I am sure I will get through it okay. It’s funny because the nurse said it does not feel as bad as having a catheter taken out, but then recommended taking a pain pill thirty minutes before LOL. Not exactly reassuring! I was supposed to do it Monday, but my home help worker Yvette does not believe I will be able to access it on my own because of the extra skin hanging from the stomach, so she will help me when she comes on Tuesday. She definitely deserves some recognition – she has been a blessing so many times!

I have stayed safe and decided that I will wait until a day or two after the stent is removed to resume going to the gym and such, as hard as it is stay away. I just don’t want to cause any issues in that area and make things worse somehow. I am going a little stir-crazy though!! I can’t wait to feel more active and vital again.

Elsewhere, some things are coming together, and I am still in limbo on others. I filled out the necessary paperwork May 31 for the Department of Health to cover my Medicare transition, and have yet to hear anything back. If I don’t by mid-week, I will start stalking my case worker again.

However, I did get another deferment/forbearance on my student loans for a year, so that is good. And, I turned in my updated information to the housing commission yesterday, and it looks like no issues there. I also asked about relocating to another public housing area, and she said that after October, I just have to give 30 days notice, and that it is okay to get on other waiting lists now. So, my next big project is researching locations and then maybe trying to see them in person. I really wish I could pick up this building I am in and just relocate it to a more central area, ha-ha!!

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts last week, that love made all the difference for me during this new experience. Love you all!


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