Some Updates

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to take a little time to update you all on some things going on in my life that are unrelated to my weight loss journey, but still playing with my mental game. I have so many things coming to a head in the next month or so.

First of all, I go this Thursday to my housing commission office for what they call annual recertification. I have to basically bring proof of my income (or lack thereof) and bank information to make sure they are still charging me the correct amount for rent. It shouldn’t be too big of an issue, but not fun nonetheless.  I have a lease for this location through this October, and since I want to move to a more central location to friends and family, I will ask them about how to proceed so that I can move out when a spot comes up on another location’s waiting list.

Another issue is my student loans, that are coming off of the latest deferments. I had to resend my information to hopefully continue deferring payments last week, and hopefully that gets processed ASAP.

My bigger concern coming up is regarding my health care coverage. As most of you know, I am on Social Security Disability and have state Medicaid coverage. It has been a true blessing, as 95 percent of all of my costs have been covered through this journey. Anyway, I got a notice a little while back from Social Security saying that I am now being switched to Medicare Parts A and B as of July 1, and that I will be responsible for the premiums for Part B. I was very surprised, but after calling them, I learned that everyone who has been on Disability for 24 consecutive months gets switched over to this. They also said that my state Medicaid should cover the costs of the premium. Everyone told me to contact my DHS worker to ask her what I need to do in order to not lose any of my services, including prescriptions, home help, and transportation to medical appointments. After numerous calls that were not returned, I finally talked to her this past week. She said I have to go to her office and fill out a new health care application (even though I am already in the system), and write “QMB” on the top of the form, and she will process it. That stands for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary. So, I am going on Wednesday to fill out this paperwork, and hopefully she is correct, and I will be all set. I hate to lose all this wonderful care that I have been receiving from all of my doctors.

Now, onto happier news. I got the letter yesterday that I have been approved for the door-to-door transportation that I applied for with the county!  I get to start using it now, and have to schedule an orientation and assessment so that my approval can be extended beyond August 31. I will call on Tuesday to see how the reservations work, but I am very excited to be able to use this to go the gym and some other places. Now, I will be able to do cardio one day, strength training the next, and so on. I am planning on making the gym 5 days a week (schedule permitting).

I want to leave you with a non-scale victory from Friday. I fit into the front passenger seat of a Ford Mustang convertible! And I got the seat belt on without any issues! And it was not too hard getting in and out (actually easier getting out than some of the back seats of some sedans I have ridden in)! My best friend Rae got the car last summer, and I always had to use the other vehicle, but we tried it Friday and were so happy! It really is things like this that make my journey so special, and so worth continuing!!

Thank you as always for reading, especially me ranting on some off-topic subjects LOL! I love you all, and look forward to seeing some of you next Sunday to celebrate my 5K. If you did not get an invitation, and would like to come, please let me know!


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