A Little Randomness

I wanted to take a few minutes to touch on a few topics that I forgot to cover in my last post, just some more aspects of my journey to fill you in on.

First of all, before surgery I had read about bariatric patients going from hot and sweating all the time to needing to wear layers even in the summer because they are freezing. At the time, I thought, interesting, but that won’t happen to me. After all, I come from a mother and siblings that at normal weights run hotter than most LOL. Well, let me tell you, the last few weeks I have been frozen more often than not! Even as the weather is warming up into the upper 60s and 70s, I find myself closing the windows in my apartment and wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirts. A week ago, I actually went to bed fully clothed and had blankets on and was comfortable! This is such a new and strange feeling for me. I still have some times that I am hot, and of course working out I am like a wet tea bag, but exercising is about the only time!

One of my other changes took a while to happen. I have always enjoyed plain water, especially after last year giving up on diet soda (don’t miss that at all!). But, the last week or two, my taste buds are finding water too plain, and I have been using a lot more water enhancers or drinks like Powerade Zero. I even find that I can get more liquid in with the flavored water, it seems to go down easier and not sit so heavy. Again, not a terrible thing, I just find it very interesting!

Last, and most excitedly, I have found a way to try my first 5K in a controlled environment. One of the bariatric support groups that I belong to on Facebook is holding a Virtual 5K on Saturday, June 3. It is actually a competition between us and another group to see how many members participate. The idea is, any time that day, whether it be in a park, the pool, or the gym, try your best to complete the distance, and take a picture of yourself and submit it to the group. I figure this is a great way to try this on the treadmill that morning. I am going to go, and not worry about timing or speed, just go at an even pace, have fun, and take my time to get it done! At this point, I would only have to do about a half mile more than what I can currently do. And, if for some reason, I can’t finish, I won’t be hard on myself, just know that I did my best! So send good vibes that day toward me please! And I would love to maybe get together with some family or friends later that day to celebrate my accomplishment, let me know if you would possibly be interested!

Have a fantastic spring weekend, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this, and love to you all. Talk to you again soon!


2 thoughts on “A Little Randomness

  1. That is really interesting. You do come from a family that runs hot. I can testify to that. Now maybe you know why I always put extra clothes on my kids and myself when we were at your house. That’s really a great memory. Keep it up sweetie. And I’ll say stay warm. That cracks me up.

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