4.5 Month Post-op Report

I had a very good visit at the weight center this morning! My official weight is 371.5 pounds, which is a 66 pound loss from surgery and 187 total! My blood pressure was 120/59, so it is still doing great after halving one of the meds.

I saw the dietician first, and she said it looks like I am still doing everything right. She is still happy with my water and protein intake, as well as my choices. She likes how I am always doing research on new and different products, and I have actually shared things she wasn’t aware of. I am now at the point that my calories can be 1000 to 1100, especially on days I go to the gym.

I saw my PA Erin next, and again very happy with my progress. The nurse did an EKG before Erin came in (they do one every time you reach a 50 pound loss), and it was perfectly normal. When I started at the center, I was already down to 482, so I have to remind them of my heaviest weight. When I did, she crunched some numbers and my BMI went from 83 to 55! She said that is amazing, and that I must feel so much better! I said I do, and we talked about the quality of life and health improvements, and she agreed wholeheartedly. She said she even noticed that I have a spring in my step now! As long as my BP remains steady, I should be completely off amlodipine next time I see her.

One of my recurring issues, as most of you know, is the excess skin affecting my gait and mobility. A couple weeks ago a friend suggested I look into door to door transportation through Wayne County to get to the gym. I don’t mind taking ride share services, but at over$60 a week, it gets a little pricey. The transportation is only $6 round trip, so I filled out an application, and asked Erin to fill out the medical portion. She agreed, so hopefully I will get approved in a few weeks. My team and I all agree that I am not ready to be crossing busy streets to catch busses and such, particularly by myself. So if I do get approved, maybe I can go to the gym more often and not have to do so much at one time. Erin also made sure I was aware that when it comes to skin removal surgery, they usually wait at least six months after I reach a steady goal weight. So that probably won’t be happening until the middle or end of next year.

Next up was the exercise physiologist Lori, who again was so happy with what I am accomplishing. I had several questions as I have read so much conflicting advice. She said when it comes to strength training to build muscle, they recommend less reps at higher weight. So I will be adjusting that. She also told me to add the chest press and seated row to my routine. She said I was right not doing those machines two times in a row. When it comes to cardio, she said I am doing great with the interval training and length of time on the treadmill. I told her that I think I will be brave enough to try the elliptical soon, and she said once I get comfortable on it I can do some time on that and less on the treadmill. Like maybe 10 or 20 minutes on the elliptical and only 30 on the treadmill, but maybe go at at faster pace on the latter since I will be on it for a shorter time. She said do the elliptical first, and then see how I feel, and don’t push myself. She said my body will tell me how much to do.

I love learning so much, and knowing that I am still doing the right things!

Elsewhere, my sore right foot is still an annoyance tonight. Whatever I did I must have done it real good LOL!! Lori said if it doesn’t improve by Friday, not to do as much at the gym since that might make it worse. Hopefully it passes soon!

Next up on the medical care train is another round of eye injections on Monday. At least I know what to be prepared for!

Well, hopefully you haven’t fallen asleep reading this novel!! Thanks as always for you encouragement and support, I love you all!!


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