Endocrinology Report

Despite having some major issues with the driver there and back, I had a really good appointment this morning at my endocrinologist!

My random blood sugar was 117, and my blood pressure was 120/78. The nurse also took a sample for a random A1c number. When the doctor arrived, he said it came back at 5.5, and that he no longer considers me diabetic!!! I only have to check my blood sugars at home a couple times a week, or if I don’t feel well. And, he said to stay on the metformin as it helps with metabolism.

Thyroid level as of mid-February was 1.46, so the doctor said to stay on that medicine for now, and to have it rechecked in about three months before I see him again.

I mentioned about my low blood pressure last week, as well as a home reading yesterday of 101/52. He said that is getting pretty low, so I can cut my one medication, amlodipine, in half daily!

The weight loss is great, but really, my health and quality of life improvements are making me ever so grateful for this surgery and my new lease on life! It is amazing the difference only a few months has made!

One last thing, I will decide by this Friday whether or not we will definitely be doing the 5K walk on May 6. Jenny and I have talked, and I don’t want to push myself too hard training that I risk injuring myself. We can always put it off a little longer, there is no shame in that. I will let you all know when the decision has been made.

Love you all, you make my life better by being here for me!


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