Milestone Moment

I have been sitting on this news since Wednesday because of the windstorm of the century leaving me without cable and internet. But I saw my surgeon Wednesday afternoon, and I have officially said sayonara to the 400s!!! According to his scale, I am at 397!!!!!! That is 41 pounds in nine weeks, and an unbelievable 161 pounds in 14 months. I can’t get over it. It has been 10-15 years since I have been in the three’s.

The surgeon is very pleased with my progress with reduced medications, more exercise, and how my incisions are healing. He also said I am losing at a good pace which is great to have that positive reinforcement. Also, I don’t go back to him for three months.

The gym is continuing to be successful as well. This morning I did 26 minutes on both the bike and treadmill, and I increased my speed on the latter. The hardest part is just getting up and going, but as soon as I am there I enjoy my time. And I figured out my key to not feeling so awkward on the bike: do not wear shorts. So I will be a little warmer but ultimately more comfortable. Still going three days a week, and so my total exercise time there is two and a half hours a week, right at the recommended guidelines. And I am just getting started!!

I am continuously noticing changes in my body more than the pounds. That 3x Fight Song shirt that i got (and fit in) recently is already fitting better on me! I am practically swimming in my winter jacket, even while sitting down. And some of my 3- and 4x pants are comfortable and sometimes a little loose!

For the most part Gaston has been behaving, although I did have an incident the other night that was my own fault. For my evening snack I wanted something a little different, so I made a dip with nonfat Greek yogurt and some spices (a great source of protein) and had some mushrooms with it. It finally happened that I ate a little faster than I should and took bigger bites than usual. I guess I could blame it on being tired. Anyway, not even five minutes after eating, I got an intense pain in my upper stomach. It was as if the food was just stuck there and I wasn’t sure if it was going to go down or come back up. The only thing to do was just sit still, take some deep breaths, and wait it out. Fortunately it went down after a little while. But boy that is not a fun feeling, and a mistake I don’t plan on making again.

That has been my only complication recently, so I definitely consider myself blessed. I spend a lot of time in disbelief that I am even on this journey, and that I have been so successful. But I am also finally getting more confident about myself and my strengths. I think it was all the surgeon. His affirmation really changed my whole dynamic.

By the way, myMedicaid transportation issue seems to be resolved thankfully. I go to wound care next Wednesday, and my eye doctor the following week. And I go back to the weight center on March 28.

Al always, thanks for reading and supporting. You are the best family and friends anyone could ask for. Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Milestone Moment

  1. Congrats BG – I am so proud of you & your accomplishments to date that you have achieved so far!!! I’m sure you feel more strong about yourself as these accomplishments are huge!!!
    Grandma Fedoriuk is probably doing cartwheels for you as she is so happy for you!!!!!! So keep up the good work & keep up the good fight!!!!!

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