Eight Weeks In

Hello everyone! A couple of quick things and then I might ramble for a bit. I thank you ahead of time for reading.

I saw my PCP yesterday for the first time since November, and things continue to look good. According to her scale, I am down to 406, so I have lost 152 pounds total and 32 since surgery. She eliminated one of my blood pressure meds, and then when I see her next time we can probably begin weening off of the others. I am going to stay on metformin for now, though that might change soon too. Blood work from yesterday shows my non fasting a1c at 5.4! It also shows my cholesterol is a little high, but I have not been on that medication for a month and so hopefully it will stabilize. I don’t see her again until June.

Tomorrow I go for an eye exam, the first in a few years. I always hate them as I feel like I am failing the tests lol. But I know it’s important, and maybe I can get some sexy new specs to go with the new me!

As most of you have seen, I started at Planet Fitness last week. It was a week between my first and second visit due to a cold, but I went this past Sunday and back today! I am up to 20 minutes on both the recumbent bike and the treadmill! I never thought I would like the treadmill so much. I go at my own pace, but it is movement and I am getting my heart rate up. I like this gym because most everyone keeps to themselves and I have not felt stared at or in the way. I even figured out the best way to use my headphones today, and that helped tremendously. I had to of course listen to Rachel Platten first, and when my theme song came on I got emotional again. Silly I know, but today the lyrics”losing friends and chasing sleep, everybody’s worried about me, say I’m in too deep” really hit me hard. It reminded me just how much love I receive, and how much you all have worried about me, rightfully so. I am so sorry that it’s taken me so long to take control of my life and health, but so happy that I am doing it at all! Definitely better late than never!

I think I am going to get a bathroom scale this week or next, mainly because I am not going to doctor visits as often now, and I can actually use home versions now! If anyone has any recommendations on which to get please let me know.

One thing I wanted to discuss is the full time job of thinking about and planning meals. This may sound petty but it really does get tiresome sometimes. Hardly a day goes by where I am not constantly thinking about if I eat this, then where does that put me for the rest of the day. Or if a food is really worth it. Some of the frustration come from my extremely high protein goal. Fitting 87-109 grams into 600-700 calories a day is not very easy. And no matter how much you prepare for this life, you don’t realize just what it entails. Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets. The other part of this is the pain of cooking for just one person in very small quantities. I love experimenting with new recipes but then I have at least four meals with leftovers so it is easy to get tired of certain dishes. I sometimes miss the limitations of the liquid diet because there are more individual things to make and everything is simpler to prepare. Again, I almost feel like these are first world problems, but I want to be sure to include all aspects of this journey, and all of my thoughts.

You guys keep me going, I love you so much!! Talk to you soon!


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