Six Week Post-Op Appointments

Good evening. Sorry for the late entry but it has been a long day.

I will start off with the news you have been waiting for. My surgery weight was 438. Today I weighed in at 412. 26 pounds lost in six weeks, and 146 pounds lost in thirteen and a half months! Needless to say I am pleased.

My visits went well today. The nurse practitioner Erin is minimally concerned that the loss may not be as much as possible. I understand what she is saying. During the first year is when most weight is lost, so we want to make sure to take full advantage of this. But she just said we will look at results next time, and can then determine if anything needs to be adjusted. She looked at my incisions, and said the one is just in a different stage of healing and it is okay. She was thrilled I am off insulin, and said my blood sugars look good. I told her about one minor issue that I have noticed, that I have not shared with anyone. I have noticed, maybe three or four times a week, that a slight wave of lightheadedness comes over me. Usually when I am a rest, and it only lasts a minute or two. I know that my blood sugars have not dropped too low, but she thinks it may be related to that. I have to record when this happens again and bring it next time. It may be that, because of the new way of eating, my “low” blood sugar tolerance may be higher than what I am used to. I will keep you updated on this development.

I then met with Valerie, the exercise physiologist. She thinks that Planet Fitness may not have a nu-step machine, which he agrees I would still do well on. She recommended a seated elliptical, if available, or the recumbent bike. She said to do five minute warm-up, and then increase intensity and try for ten minutes to start. I have a short term goal of 20 minutes three times a week. Other days I will increase my steps about ten percent a week. We also discussed some at home exercises, and she likes the idea of wall push-ups and doing some things with resistance bands. I can do this!! Hoping to check out the gym Thursday or Friday this week. I really hope the staff there is as supportive as they are supposed to be.

Next was the dietitian Jessica, and she is like a little cheerleader. She said she is so proud of what I am doing, and that she wished I was able to make it to their support groups as I am such an inspiration! Still so weird to hear that!! I am officially on regular foods, and basically can try everything except bread, rice, and pasta. I also have to avoid raw carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli for a year. No problem, I loved cooked versions of these. I can still use one to two protein supplements a day, whether shake, bar, or powder, as my daily protein goal is so high (87-109 grams). We discussed different foods and recipes that I want to try, and she approved. She also recommended starting a daily dose of Benefiber, as the constipation issue can get worse the more solid food I eat, and I have a high intake of iron. I hope it works, I definitely don’t want to strain in that area.

Other than that, I had blood work drawn again, and another B12 injection. Also, I don’t have to go back there for six weeks! The office and staff are so great that I will actually miss it! So unusual to have such a welcoming group!

Speaking of groups, I don’t know if I could do all of this without you all! You probably get tired of hearing it, but your support, encouragement, and positivity mean more to me than you can ever know!!


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