This and That

I realize it’s been a while since I have written an official entry, so I wanted to check in with everyone and give you the latest developments.

So far the pureed foods stage is going well, and I am still keeping everything down. I am excited to try some new and different things, but I am being careful to introduce only one new food a day just to be safe. I am thinking maybe some refried beans with a little shredded cheese and salsa for dinner tonight! Yesterday I got 86 grams of protein in!

Thanks to good friend Rae Murdoch, today I got out of the apartment and ran some errands. We started with my first restaurant visit since surgery, and we went to a diner. After looking over the menu, I was going to choose the chili. But when I ordered, the waitress said it was hot dog chili, so I said give me a cup of the vegetable soup instead LOL. I ate slow, chewed thoroughly, and ended up consuming just over a half of the cup! It seems very strange to make that a whole restaurant meal, but at least I know I will be a cheap date haha! It was tasty and satisfying, and I didn’t feel stuffed or bloated!

We then went to Walmart to get groceries, vitamins, and other things. The first stop was in the clothing section, and we found a couple pairs of 3x sweats and a couple 4x shirts. This is down from 7x to 8x pants, and 6x to 7x shirts. I will try them on after my next shower. I am not sure if they will fit yet, but I know they definitely will soon enough! It’s so exciting to be able to shop for clothes at regular stores and not have to pay an arm and a leg for them.

Some of the groceries I got were ricotta cheese and marinara for a recipe called Ricotta Bake (essentially lasagna without the noodles), more Greek yogurt, extra lean ground beef, and more eggs so I can make egg salad and egg drop soup. Have I made you hungry yet!!

When I got home, I checked my progress and saw that I already have over 3,000 steps in today!! And I still have some energy and am not too sore. I do get hot easily still, but I don’t care how I look, I am moving and active!!

One of the things I get asked a lot is if I have noticed any physical changes yet. To be honest I really don’t feel a weight difference. But people that don’t see me every day say they do. I have been told that my face has a different shape, my arms are smaller, and my midsection is more compact, among others. I have noticed that I am swimming in some of my shirts. And for the last couple days, I have felt my stomach apron seems to be hanging even lower and rubbing against my legs more, especially when walking. Such a strange feeling.

Another development is that I think I may be taken off insulin soon. Most of the time for the last several days my blood sugars have been in the 80s and 90s. It was a little higher when I got home today, but my body sometimes does that after exercise, so it should come back down for dinner. The app that I use to log blood sugars has a A1c calculator for the last seven days, and this morning it said 5.4, that is incredible!

I go back to the weight center tomorrow to see the dietician and nurse practitioner, and have a weigh-in. I am happy to see them as I like to make sure I am doing everything correctly, and I still have a few questions. I will let you know what happens tomorrow evening.

Well, your eyes are probably tired now, so I will let you go. Love you all, and thanks again for the encouragement!


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