First Post-op Appointments

Good afternoon. I just got home from the weight center, and visits with the dietician and nurse practitioner. I felt confident but still nervous.

Turns out, I seem to be doing everything right! My weight is just below the day of surgery, and they said that is most likely from all the fluids they pumped into me.

The dietician was very happy with all of it: my protein and fluid intake, the choices of foods, my following of the bariatric eating principles, the amounts of meals, and so on. I am on full liquids until next Tuesday when I will move onto pureed foods for two weeks. I also purchased a few new things from their little store, mainly soup packets that I can use as meals. It was very reassuring that my numbers were right on target!

Then I saw Erin, the nurse practitioner. Again, she is very pleased with everything. My blood sugars look good considering I am no longer on metformin and only taking 15 units of daily insulin. She looked at my incisions, and agreed with everyone that the draining was not as bad as it looks. I had to get blood drawn, and then go back to the office to get B1 and B12 shots. The one stings quite a bit but was not horrible. I see both ladies again in two weeks.

A couple of minor snags. I have to go back to the office next Tuesday for both bone density and body composition scans. Apparently these should have been completed before surgery, but no one ever mentioned them. The bone density is so they can have a baseline for my vitamin and mineral levels to keep track of during weight loss, and the body composition is so they can better determine what my goal weight should be.

The other snag is my lovenox injections which are to prevent blood clots. I am supposed to be on them for two weeks after surgery. Insurance is taking a long time for preauthorization, so the hospital was able to get me five doses to go home with. Today I used the last dose. Erin put in another request for CVS, and the company I talked to last week is waiting on a form from my surgeon. His office said he will sign it this afternoon, but I am still not sure if I will be able to get it today, or if it will be shipped to me. The receptionist at his office was not very helpful. I am hoping to hear something soon, and if not, I will see if CVS can just charge me for a few doses, and I will pay out of pocket. Then I will be taking an Uber to the pharmacy this evening.

It was such a relief to know that I am progressing in a textbook manner. With something like this, you never know exactly how you are doing.

Love to you all, and chat again soon!!


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