This morning I started the next leg of my journey, the pre-op diet. It is designed for 1250-1300 calories a day, and is as follows:

Breakfast – Shake

Lunch – Shake

Afternoon Snack – Shake

Dinner – 400 to 500 calorie meal consisting of protein, one starch serving, 3 fat servings, and low starch vegetables

Evening Snack – Shake

I can add one fruit serving per day if desired, and more low starch vegetables and sugar free jello and popsicles throughout the day if I like.

I had the chocolate shake this morning, and it is not too bad. No bad protein powder aftertaste, and not very chalky or anything. Let’s hope I don’t get too bored with them too quickly!

I also start my medication to prevent gallstones today, and will be on that through about a year after surgery.

I am sure I will do good with this stage but of course nerves set in. I will share with you my feelings and struggles (if any) throughout this period.

Love you all, surgery in two weeks!!!


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