Update on Wounds

T-minus 20 days to my new beginning, and I can’t believe it yet! I am still finalizing plans and ideas for my pre-op diet that begins Tuesday morning. I am sure I will do great, but you can’t help second guessing yourself and over thinking everything. I just need to focus on the good stuff and trust myself!

I went to the wound clinic today, and it was the first time since the bicycle incident. First of all, my original wound is doing good. Still about the same depth, but a little smaller otherwise and she is pleased with it.

With my leg, I have developed a pretty good size hematoma. She doesn’t believe it is infected but took a culture just to be certain. She cleaned it up really well, and prescribed a debreeding ointment that will hopefully clear it up more. She did warn that the ointment may actually make the wound deeper. She wants it to stay covered, and I have to try to wrap it because she wants to avoid any tape on the skin.  She also said I could restart using the lymphedema pump on that leg again, something I had avoided because I was concerned about too much compression. The gave me some loose compression sleeves to wear on that leg as well. The best part, she is thrilled that I have a surgery date, and wants me to see her again in two weeks to make sure everything is healing well before the surgery. Going to Ann Arbor is kind of a pain, especially with Medicaid transportation, but I am so happy to be a patient of a place that is so thorough and caring.

One final personal development – I actually received two job offers for work at home positions! One is online only, no calling, and is very in-depth, but decent pay. The other is a phone job soliciting donations of items for Purple Heart. It is pretty straightforward but is similar to telemarketing and is very low pay based on commission only. So I will make a decision on one or both by the end of the week.

That’s about all for now, just trying not to freak out to much from excitement and nervousness LOL! I love you all!!


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