A Change Is Gonna Come!

Tuesday, December 27, at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, my life will change forever! I GOT APPROVED!!!

I am once again still in shock and amazed that the day is finally coming. I start my pre-op diet on Dec 13, and during that time I will get supplies in order for after surgery. I have to have a type and screen blood test at the hospital lab 24 to 72 hours before surgery. Anesthesia will call about any medication changes, and the hospital will call me probably Dec 23 with the surgery time and where to report. Even the surgery date is exactly when I was hoping for, because I will have the most amount of family nearby and hopefully available. So many things to think about, but by the grace of God everything seems to be falling into place.

Mentally I am a bag of nerves and doubt, but everyone on my medical team believes I am on the right track and prepared. I know that if I just pay attention to my instructions and listen to my body I should be fine.

Elsewhere, my leg is doing well, albeit slowly healing. My home care nurse was just here this morning and said the color is good and it is not infected. For the last several days I have experienced lymph fluid draining off and on but it is clear and is probably helping the wound heal. It just freaks me out a little bit still when it starts ha-ha. I am keeping it exposed while I am in my apartment and just covering it when I go out. And the pain has decreased significantly. My original wound is so small that the nurse could not put a stick in to measure it. Again, everything is coming together!

I have some more appointments to make. The weight center doctor and dietician will see me starting at five days post-op and going for an entire year. It’s great to know that I will have a great support team for so long.

I cannot state enough how much you all mean to me throughout my journey. And I encourage anyone to ask questions about the surgery or the process, as I like to educate and share. I also think it helps me process everything.

This has been quite a year, but oh so worth it!! I love you all!


One thought on “A Change Is Gonna Come!

  1. Wow finally a dream come true. This is something you have wanted for so very long and I have wanted for you even longer. I am so very thankful to your friends who worked so very hard to help you find the resources you required. This is going to change your life. It’s going to be very difficult and you have been prepared. It’s a very long journey but you are intelligent and stubborn and I know you have got this! Keep all of us informed. Love you sweetie. Meme

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