Gastric Bypass Here I Come!

The best way to sum up today is that all of my hard work this year made for one of the easiest appointments i ever had!

My surgeon Dr. Krause was very nice and informative. Once we were back with him for the individual appointment, he explained that with my health history the bypass has a better chance of getting rid of the diabetes than the sleeve, especially since I have had it for so long.  He said that with both procedures being done laproscopic, the complications and issues were pretty similar. The surgery is just under two hours, and I should be able to go home the next day.  I said OK, I will go with the bypass!

He listened to my heart and lungs, both of which were good. Then he brought up the wound, and I got nervous. However, he said as long as it is contained, not infected, and not in the abdominal area, it should not be a concern!

Before seeing him, we met the insurance/scheduling person, who explained that after today the begin the authorization process, and she will call to schedule the surgery once she hears from Blue Cross. She said that surgery is usually six to eight weeks from now, and that they will do what they can to get it done before the end of the year. This really is going to be my year!!

My next steps are to cancel my CT scan for the plastic surgeon, as well as his follow-up appointment, and to call the weight center to see about scheduling my pre-op class for post-op care. I am so happy that I get to have these operations in order, and hopefully only two instead of three.

Once again I am still in shock. My new lease on life is going to be here before we know it! And a special thank you to my sister-in-law Jenny who was there with me today. I honestly was not sure what to expect, and to be able to celebrate with family right there was such an amazing feeling!! My family and friends continue to amaze me and lift me up every day! I

I promise to keep you updated as soon as I hear anything. Love you all!


One thought on “Gastric Bypass Here I Come!

  1. That is such wonderful news sweetie. It’s a hard road but you’ve been down it before and have been successful. This time will be no different. Love you sweetie.

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