Quick Check-In

I just wanted to write a few words to let everyone know I am doing okay. Not too much new to report, but things are picking up the next two weeks!

I am still settling in, unpacking, and organizing my apartment. It seems strange to me yet, but I am liking it in the long run. Most of the residents have been very welcoming, including a neighbor who serenades me almost every day (he sings along to music quite loudly and I usually have my window open, but he has a nice voice LOL!) My one issue is that it is very warm in here because they have the heat going all the time. Residents don’t have any control over thermostats, but E don’t have to pay for heat, and I can keep my window open until it gets deeper into winter.

My home health nurse is pleased with how the wound, o what’s left of it, is looking. It has good color, very little to no drainage, and very little pain or tenderness. Physical therapy is going well, too. He comes two days a week, and I do the routine on days he skips. It’s about a half hour of leg exercises, both on the bed and standing up at the counter for support. My upper right leg gets a little sore from them, but it is the leg with the most swelling so I am not surprised. And hopefully I will be getting a cane soon so I can go out for walks on my own. I have done this a couple times. Over the weekend I walked around to the back of the building and back, and then a couple storefronts past the main entrance, staying close to the side of the building in case I needed support. And today, I walked down the four flights of stairs to the lobby, as well as all four back up! I took my time returning, but I did it! A very emotional victory for me. I am trying to do things like this on days that I really don’t leave the area. Any little bit helps!

Next week I see both the correct plastic surgeon and the wound care center, Monday and Wednesday respectively. This is great timing as I see the bariatric surgeon two weeks from today! For those who don’t know, I have a group session with him followed by an individual appointment. I am getting more excited and nervous as it gets closer, I just keep praying for good results and progress in my journey. It seems like a ways off, but I know that the time will fly by.

One other thing (I guess I had more to share than I thought!): Last week I had an agency come for an intake interview. They are Domestic Home Help, and they get paid by the state to come help me with things such as the lymphedema pump therapy. They will also do cleaning, meal prep, bathing, and others, which I don’t necessarily need now but may be very useful for after surgery. The lady said to put that I needed help with everything they do so that it will be there if I need it. She was a wonderfully sweet woman who said I was an inspiration and even gave me a hug when she left!

I remain continually amazed at how blessed I have been this entire year, it still seems unreal and like I don’t deserve it at times. But that’s the old me trying to come back, and I know that I have fought long and hard for this and will continue to do so!!

Love you all, and wishing everyone a happy and healthy November!


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