Still in Shock

(I just finished one of the longest and most emotional entries, and the system froze, so I am retyping this from memory. Hopefully it comes out okay.)

My mind is in a whirlwind from the events of the past 36 hours. Please forgive me is this comes across as a babbling mess. I will try to go in order to cover everything.

It all started yesterday with my trip to wound care. The PA there was more happy than ever at the improvement to the wound. It is less than have the size and over two thirds less the width. She said to keep doing what we are doing, and to go back in four weeks. During the visit I also discussed getting a prescription for a cane. I believe that it would be helpful for me if I want to get more active and independent in my new area. The sidewalks and lots are very cracked and uneven so it would give me stability and security. She agreed, and actually recommended in home physical therapy to determine which cane would be best and help me gain some strength in my legs. He already came by today for an assessment and returns tomorrow for some strength exercises.

And now onto today and my monthly check in with the weight center. It begin with vitals with the nurse, and the big news is I lost another four pounds, making for a total loss since Dec 31 of 99 pounds!! This amazes me!!

Next was the exercise physiologist, and he continued to pat me on the back for my efforts. We talked about how living on my own will help me be more active, and discussed how on days where I don’t go anywhere I could use the stairway in my building to get some steps in. Over the weekend, I actually went down all four flights and did pretty well. The only problem is that the railings are lower than what is comfortable for me, and I had to be in a hunched position. He suggested going down the stairs backward as to not put too much stress on my muscles. I will definitely give that a try.

After that I saw the nurse practitioner, and thus began the flood of information.  They received all of the clearances except for pulmonology, and she said the office will stalk them until they receive it! Once they do, the doctor will present my case to Blue Cross Complete for a decision. She said that so far, that company has been pretty good about approving their patients, but if for some reason they deny me, the center will appeal and fight for the surgery. Then Blue Cross will send me their decision in writing. If approved i go ahead and schedule the surgical consult and the class on post-op diet and care. We talked about the wound, and she said the surgeon will decide how to proceed, and that it may not be an issue because it is so small and no longer weeping. She sent a prescription for me to start two weeks pre-op that helps prevent gallstones that tend to develop with rapid weight loss. And she said my insulin dose will decrease in half at the same time. Lastly she said to schedule appointments with her and the physiologist for one month, but they may not be necessary if surgery is scheduled close to that time.

Finally I saw the dietician. She went over the two week pre-op diet. I will have meal replacement shakes for breakfast, lunch, midday snack, and evening snack. Dinner will consist of a small protein, a small starch, and some low starch vegetables. I am also allowed one serving of fruit per day. This totals 1250-1300 calories a day.  She provided a recipe book for the shakes as they only come in chocolate and vanilla, and there are things i can mix in for flavor without increasing calories. The shakes in their office are  kind of expensive, so I am going to look for comparable alternatives. She was also pleased with my homemade meals that I have cooked recently, as well as the smarter choices when we go out somewhere.

So, that is it. Like I said I am still in shock. I keep saying to myself, this is really happening! I never thought I would get here when this started. My dad had me in good tears today when I called and told him the news. He said he heard my anthem Fight Song the other day, and when he heard the line, “I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me,” he thought right of me and how I am still going strong after all the challenges. Heck I am tearing up just typing this!

I still can’t thank you enough for the encouragement and prayers throughout my journey. I feel so blessed to have such a large group of friends and family that support me and keep me going. I only hope to remain worthy of all of you.

I have no idea how long it will take to get the decision from the insurance company, but I will try not to be on pins and needles the whole time. And of course I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. Love you always!


One thought on “Still in Shock

  1. This sounds really good BG & I’m so happy & proud of you!
    I’m praying that everything keeps going in a positive direction!! You deserve it for all your hard work & sticking to your plan! Keep up the good work & keep us informed of all your accomplishments (good or bad) & we’ll definitely keep praying for you!!!! Luv ya
    Aunt Kathy


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