Keeping Positive

Well, let me start off with the good news. As most of you saw, I moved into my new place officially last Wednesday!  I was very nervous when I first saw the unit, but now that I am here and most things are in place, I am feeling much better, and know that I am on the right track. There are still some issues such as needing more shelving and storage areas, and some improvements needed in the bathroom, but I think the space is just enough for me. So far, most everyone I have crossed paths with has been very friendly too, which always helps.

Switching gears, I was ready to cry out of frustration last Monday when I went to the plastic surgery consultation. They knew why I was there but scheduled me for a doctor who doesn’t specialize in that area! The correct doctor was coming in later that day, but we could not wait that long, especially when there was no guarantee that he could see me. So I have to go back November 7. I just want some answers and direction!! I am heading to a standstill, where I need either bariatric or skin removal surgery to continue. I don’t want all the work to lead to a dead end! I still believe that things happen for a reason, but that is not making me feel great at the moment.

Now to a little better news. The wound does seem to be getting smaller. In fact the home care nurse measured it this morning and the depth only barely registers on the stick. The surface of it looks big due to the location of it and the skin folds, but it is getting harder to find each time. I see wound care again tomorrow so we will see what they have to say.

Thursday is my visit to the weight center, and there might be some hope. It dawned on us the other day that the doctors there have never actually seen the wound, they have just been told about it. I think that if I show it to them, they might be OK with continuing the process and going ahead with seeing the bariatric surgeon and get his opinion. I think since the wound is so small and it is really not weeping or gaping anymore, it might not be that big of an issue. I am praying that will be the case.

Of course I also hope that Thursday’s appointment goes well in other weighs too.  I haven’t been able to go to the gym very much with everything going on, but I have been very active with moving and shopping for the new place. For just the first ten days of the month I have logged over 33,000 steps, not much to some but I think huge for me! Hopefully this will lead to good things at my weigh in.

I think I will let you go for now. Venting and getting things out in print helps me more than I ever expected, and I continue to thank all of you for still reading and following my journey. I love you all!!


One thought on “Keeping Positive

  1. Great job BG! I pray that all keeps going in a positive direction & that real soon you will see a light at the end of the tunnel!!!! Think positive & keep the faith!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!


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