Quick Update

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to let you all know a few things that have happened over the last week or so.

First of all, my swelling seems to have subsided with going back to wrapping my legs. I am still working on getting a pump but am having very little luck so far. Hopefully I am back on the right track and losing again!!

I received a letter from the Weight Center with some results of my recent blood work, and they came with a few surprises. I have some iron deficiency with anemia, and need to take iron and vitamin C twice a day. I also show moderate vitamin D deficiency so I am taking that with my multivitamin every day. I am glad that I had the tests done now so hopefully my levels can improve before surgery. The center continues to impress me all the time! My next monthly appointment is two weeks from today.

I also saw my podiatrist this week for my six month check up, and everything is good there. Unfortunately I still have some athletes foot, but that is common, and we are doing the best we can to treat it and keep it from getting worse. The doctor is happy with things, and it’s another part of my body that will get better with the surgery.

I want to close today with a little victory and toot my own horn just a touch. Last Friday I was not feeling well (upset stomach and such), but I had the opportunity to go to the gym. I thought I would go and just see what I could do. Well, I ended up doing 55 minutes on my machine, for over 6,600 steps! I wasn’t as fast or intense as usual, but I plugged along and found that it was still a great stress reliever and I definitely felt better mentally afterward. So exciting to feel this way!!

Have a fantastic Thursday!!


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