Cha-cha-cha, Changes!

This news is not directly surgery related, but changing my life for the better related. My journey is not just about improving my health but also giving me my life and independence back. To that end, we have decided that I am going to move into a studio or one bedroom apartment very close to where I am now!

I have begun the process of getting on the waiting lists for several of the low income housing developments in the area, including Allen Park, Taylor, Lincoln Park, and Melvindale. This way I can afford the rent and living expenses with my disability benefits.

This will give me a place of my own to go home to, have some privacy, and focus on the bariatric way of eating and life in general. Rae and Heather will still be helping me with healthcare, appointments, grocery shopping, and more. We will still go to the gym, restaurants, movies, etc, but have our own lives as well.

I am very excited about trying this out. The only time I have ever lived alone was a few periods in college, but that was not truly an independent experience. This is definitely the next logical step in my process, and continuing to have the support of my best friends will make this as smooth as possible!

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of this as well. Most of the places had waiting lists of at least a couple months, so we will see how soon I hear anything.

Good night everyone, and talk to you again soon!


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