Some Positive Steps

It has been a fairly quiet couple of weeks for me, all things considered. But I did have some good progress to report.

This Wednesday I went back to the wound care at U of M, and they seem pleased with what is happening. Because of some hyper granulation of the tissue they put me back on an antibiotic. This is mainly a precaution. That being said, the silver nitrate treatment they started last time seems to be working, and the wound does seem to be getting better, albeit slowly. This is good since the earliest I can get in to see plastic surgery is November! Hopefully I am on the downswing with the wound and I won’t need that consultation at all. We are continuing the same treatment at home, and return on August 12.

I received a letter from my GI doctor late last week with the results of the gastric emptying study. I have a normal digestion rate, so this is great news. I called the office the other day and asked what the next step toward a surgical clearance would be. The following day they called back and said the only thing the doctor wanted was a blood test for liver enzymes. I went in today, and after the test, the front desk typed up a letter giving me official clearance for bariatric surgery!! As long as the blood work is normal they will send those results in the mail.

So now I officially have jumped through 3 of the 4 additional hoops that insurance requires, all with a couple months to spare! I am only waiting to hear back from the pulmonologist with the results of the sleep study and my next steps there. It also appears that, as far as the gastroenterologist is concerned, I would be a good candidate for both the gastric bypass or the sleeve, so I have a lot of deep thinking to do. The weight center would like a decision at my August 11 appointment. Right now I am still seeing pros and cons to both procedures. I will probably write a little bit during the next two weeks going over the options in my mind.

This is all flying by!! I still can’t believe that I could get final approval for surgery as soon as October, it is so surreal!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I love you all!


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