Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

As most of you who are on Facebook know, my confidence has grown exponentially recently. If you would have told me a year or two ago that I would be posting shirtless pictures of myself for everyone to see, I would have definitely called you crazy!! Haha! But that is just the beginning of the newfound me.

I have to credit this blog, and social media, for a lot of this confidence. Sharing my journey and feelings with such a supportive following has helped tremendously. Also, some of the online support groups have been incredibly encouraging and welcoming.

One group on Facebook in particular has blown my mind, and I can finally share what I have done and what I agreed to do. First, they collected recipes from members that would give others ideas for different things to make, during each stage of the process. It started as just a comment thread, but the idea for a cookbook was presented. The administrators of the group jumped on the idea, and have created a cookbook that they are selling to members. It will be 100 pages, and I actually have two recipes that will be published in it! They will be printed in the next few weeks, and then shipped out.

That same group is also doing something to raise money for charity, and this is the biggie. They asked the male members to help out, and they are going to be making a Bariatric Bad Boys calendar for the female members to buy, with proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House. So, I agreed to take some fun pictures in may and be a part of this project! Can you believe it??!! I still can’t 😁. I need to come up with a theme yet. Fireman, police officer, construction worker, and sexy business man are already taken. I am thinking doctor, but have not decided yet. These are funny pictures, all about redefining sexy and being proud of ourselves. Again, can you believe it!!! I am excited, and a little nervous!

On a completely different note, I am very interested in how my three month check up at the weight center will go next week. I was talking to my home health nurse this morning about the gym, and I might be overdoing it there. I have seen several things about heart rate during exercise, and so I asked Larry about it. He says it should not go above 120-125, and usually on the treadmill mine is usually 140-155. So he said to ride the bike for only about 20 minutes,and then go to the treadmill, and see what it goes up to. It might be a case of just reducing the speed for now. But he said if it stays above 125 for a while, stop the workout. My problem is, even though I feel okay during exercise, I am on medication to lower my heart rate, so it going up so high could be dangerous. I will see how things go this weekend, but I am really hoping the physiologist can shed some light on Tuesday and we can come up with a good game plan.

I think that covers things for now. I love you all, you are the best a person could ask for!!


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