July Weight Center Update

My crazy week has finally come to a close.

Thursday’s appointment at the weight center went very well. First was the dietician, who really just affirmed that I am on the right track, and recommended continue practicing the bariatric eating principles. These include smaller bites, slower and more thorough chewing, lots of hydration, and eating smaller meals or snacks every three to four hours.

Next was the exercise physiologist, who is also impressed with my progress. When discussing the strength training that he suggested starting last month, he said that I am one of his only clients that actually paid attention and tried what he says LOL. I am going to start doing interval training on the Nu-Step, increasing the resistance for a few minutes then going back to the previous level. I told him that I have actually started enjoying the gym, and missing it when it’s been a little longer than usual. I never thought I’d feel this way!

Then it was time to check in with the nurse, and I lost another 8 pounds this month!! This brings me to 463, and 95 pounds lost forever since January!! I thought I was going to hit the one hundred mark this time, but I will take it, and I know I will get there soon enough.

The visit with the doctor also went well. He just makes sure that we are jumping through all the hoops to get the clearances for surgery. We also discussed that the gastric emptying study I had will be a big determiner for whether I have the bypass or the sleeve procedure, and that by next month’s check in we can make that final decision.

Nothing much to report about the sleep study, only that despite their best efforts you don’t sleep very well during it! But the technician said they got good data, and that the pulmonologist should have results in a week or two, and then send the order to the medical supply company. So I should have a new CPAP and headgear fairly soon.

I had another milestone moment this morning at the gym. After being on the Nu-Step and arm cycle for over 45 minutes, I decided to try something new for me. I walked up and down the main stairway, which is equal to almost two regular flights of stairs! I took my time, stopping for a few minutes and a drink of water at the top. Minor to some, but a huge accomplishment for me, andi was so proud of myself!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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