Busy Busy Busy

I want to take a few minutes to fill you in on the crazy week that I am in the middle of going through.

The week did not begin on a great note. I reported to the hospital that morning for a gastric emptying study. When I scheduled the test and with all of the reminders, I was instructed to not eat for four hours before, and okay to take medication as normal with a little water. So, being that the test was scheduled for 11:00 am, I get up at 6:30 to take meds and have a small bite. I go through admitting and head to nuclear medicine. The clerk there tells me that I shouldn’t have had anything to eat or drink for at least six hours! I was so frustrated that the study had to be rescheduled for today! I hat when places communicate the wrong information! More on the study later.

Tuesday was a little better. I had a follow-up with my endocrinologist. I like the doctor but the office he was in that day was horrible. There are at least five other doctors practicing there, and the office definitely cannot handle the load. Patients had to stand in the waiting room because they were so busy, and the staff was so disorganized that I had to go into about three different exam rooms before I saw the doctor. Fortunately he said he is moving permanently to the other office, which is further away yet a lot less hassle. The doctor is pleased with my numbers, blood sugars are up a tiny bit because of the changes he made, so he increased the Invokana he started me on last month. I am going to have a full blood panel drawn and then see him in about six weeks. Lastly, he updated me record to clear me for surgery, so another hurdle crossed!!

Yesterday morning something happened that I never thought would: my car corrected custom compression stockings came in and they finally fit!!! These are so much easier than the wraps to get on and off. I started the process of ordering them in late April, so it’s been a long time coming!

Yesterday was also my first appointment with U of M Wound Care, and it went well. They said the wound looks okay, but some of the area around it had signs of possible infection. So they took a culture and started me on an antibiotic right away just in case. They did a silver nitrate treatment on the site, and recommended coming back every two weeks for it. At home they said keep doing what we are doing. The best part was they referred me to both general surgery and plastic surgery for possible skin removal. They recommend calling both to see who can get me in first to get the process started.

Earlier today I went back in for that gastric emptying study, and it was one of the easiest yet hardest tests I have had. It was ordered just as a precaution with my gastroparesis. I was given a microwaved scrambled egg that had radioactive material mixed in, and then a small amount of water. I then had to lay down mostly flat on my back and be still while a camera hanging over my stomach continually took pictures. I had to stay like this for an hour and a half. The lights are turned off, so you are just laying there doing nothing except trying not to move at all! I was afraid to call asleep because I didn’t want my apnea to kick in, so it was a LONG procedure lol! At least the tech said they got good images.

My week is not done yet. I go this afternoon for my monthly visit to the Weight Control Center, and then tonight I have my sleep study. I am kind of anticipating good news with the appointment, so I will write again tomorrow or Saturday. Love you all!!


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