Ups and Downs

Sorry I haven’t checked in for some time, there wasn’t all that much new to report the last couple weeks.

Let me start with my visit to wound care last Friday. The doctor and nurse were happy to see that I have been such a compliant and dedicated patient. We are doing everything that can be done for the wound, it is still not healing due to its location, and the heat of the summer is not doing any favors. They were encouraged that the tissue looks healthy and said to just keep doing what we’re doing as long as we can. They also liked that I had an appointment yesterday with a plastic surgeon as a consultation.

Not only is the excess skin a problem for the wound, but I also have had little cysts develop on the front of the underbelly, like where it rubs against my clothing. We keep an eye on them and treat as needed. However the cysts have started to burst with more agitation and more often. So now I have four by four gauze pads over spots in that area as well.

Fast forward to my consultation yesterday (Wednesday). Unfortunately the office did not do a good enough screening process, and in less than five minutes I found out this surgeon would be no help for me. I had chosen him based on insurance coverage, but his is more of a private office that does things such as Botox and liposuction. This was a tremendous disappointment due to this weekend’s developments. Also, even though I still have a few months before bariatric surgery, I don’t want to get to an impasse where I can’t have the surgery due to the wound.

Fortunately all hope may not be lost yet, we just keep plugging away. I was able to get an appointment scheduled for July 13 with the wound care center at the University of Michigan. They have plastic surgeons with their program, and hopefully within that huge healthcare system I can get some definitive answers and help. I am just praying the cysts don’t become too difficult to deal with beforehand.

I try not to let things like what happened yesterday get me down too much, but we are human, and sometimes things just suck!!! I just keep telling myself that I am doing everything that I can to get myself better, so there is nothing to be ashamed of or be too frustrated. And, after all, look how far I’ve come! I have also chosen a theme song for my life this year, whisome of you already know about. It is Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” and if you have not heard this song before you should. The song is perfect for me, especially the chorus, which goes:

“This is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m alright song. My power’s turned on, starting right now I’ll be strong. I’ll play my fight song, and I don’t really care if nobody else believes, I still got a lot of fight left in me.”

The message is great, and it is upbeat and powerful. I find that at least once a week during my workout, that I will play the song on repeat for three or four times. It picks me right up and keeps my mind and body going!

I almost forgot, I got the results back from the biopsy they did with the endoscopy, and there was no bacteria! Some good news there.

I want to finish this entry on a very positive note about my journey. For the month of June , including everyday walking and the Nu-Step, I have reached over 89,000 steps! I realize that to most people that is not very high, but this is an incredible accomplishment for me, and I just have to pat myself on the back! This is up from 55,000 in May!

My schedule is pretty quiet for the next week or so, but then I have a bunch of appointments and tests the week of July 11. I will probably be back then to keep you posted.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend, I love you all!


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