June Weight Center Update

Earlier today (Thursday) I had my monthly appointments at the Beaumont Weight Control Center, and they were some of the best visits I’ve had to doctors in quite some time.

Marty, the exercise physiologist, was first, and he said I am well beyond where most patients are at this point in the process. He said to continue with the Nu-Step and arm cycle, and add some weight training with the stand-up pulley system and free weights twice a week. I have some free weights i can use at home too, in case I find it too much all in one session at the beginning. I will see him next month for updates.

I then saw the dietician I s. I saw someone different last month so this was our first meeting. Again very nice, and happy with what I have done so far. I have cut out diet soda completely (Monday after the endoscopy the exception) and pretty much drink only water and iced tea. She recommended starting a multivitamin to help with nutrients that may start lacking before and after surgery. She also said that if there comes a time in the pre-op process that I am worried about weight loss stalling, they have meal replacements that would be a good idea. This is good to know since insurance makes you start the six months over if you gain anything in one of the months leading up to the surgery. Will again see her in a month.

Terrific news when I saw the psychologist, Kristen, next. We went over the tests I completed last month, and I was in the normal range for all but one area. We discussed the part she was concerned about, that I had issues with conforming to society and just saying things that I thought people or doctors wanted to hear. And this was true in the past, but this whole process and experience has really changed that way of thinking. I am now open and honest when it comes to my health, because I know that I have to be in order for my journey to be successful. I also told her about writing this blog, and she was very impressed and proud of me for starting it. She agreed that it will be a great way to communicate and keep me accountable. She then said that I have officially completed the psychology requirement and I don’t have to see her until three months after surgery! I can contact them anytime if I need to, but this was very exciting news.

Even better news when I did the nurse check-in: I have lost seven pounds in the last month!!!! I was so worried because other scales said different things, and I just wasn’t sure I lost anything! Started this year at 558, and now I am at 471. I still can’t believe it myself!

Last but not least I saw Dr Kakish. He is not the surgeon but a doctor that works at the center. He is also pleased with my progress, and verified that the cardiologist gave his clearance in my record. We then discussed my wound and all the extra skin in the apron of my stomach that is not helping the wound heal. The main concern is that they will not perform the surgery with an open wound. Even though we have a few months, we want to do what we can to get the area healthy. He recommended getting a second opinion from a wound care doctor who specializes in plastic surgery and see what advice they may have. I will call for an appointment right away!

It was a busy day, but I am so happy to be seeing that all of the hard work and effort is still paying off, and that I am definitely pursuing the correct path in my life! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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