Trying to Smash Hurdles!

The past week has been quite a busy one, with doctor appointments all week long. Mostly good news, and some new challenges.

Monday morning was spent at the medical supply company, having the custom compression stockings I recently received resized and sent back. Something was actually to big on me, and the stockings were not staying up. Some of the measurements were actually off by as much as three centimeters! Hopefully the new pair will come in a week to ten days. The bandages and wraps that we are using now are getting the job done but they are not very convenient.

I mentioned I had a heart echo in May. Well, I did not have a follow up appointment with the cardiologist scheduled, so Monday I called his office RF or the results. He called back the next day and told me the hospital never sent his office the results, so they had to request them (I love health care sometimes). Long story short, the doctor said the test was normal and my valves are all working good! So, I officially have one clearance down for my surgery!! Woo-hoo!

Wednesday I went to the endocrinologist for the first time, and that was quite the experience! The office crazy busy – despite getting there fifteen minutes early we ended up waiting about forty five minutes just to be called back. The nurse did the usual height, weight, etc, and took a random blood glucose and hemoglobin a1c (which were 129 and 6.0 respectively). We were led to the exam room and just as I was trying to get on the bed a doctor calls from across the hall that I can sit in a chair. He comes right in and started asking me questions, many of which were covered on the paperwork I filled out in the lobby. He never introduced himself but I knew he wasn’t the doctor that I was supposed to be seeing. I had seen a picture of my doctor and let me just say the two were complete opposites lol. He must be a resident. Anyway, we go over medications and health history, and interview he kept going in and out of the room, and then come back in with more questions and more scribbles on his paper. This went on for quite some time. Finally he comes back with the doctor. He said that my numbers looked great as far as diabetes, and that I should be a good candidate for surgery. He said that insulin is not helpful when trying to lose weight. He recommended lowering my nightly insulin some, and gave me samples of an oral medication to take. I follow up with him in a month, and at that time he will also see if I need any other blood work. He ended up being very nice, and I am happy with the progress I am making on that end.

Friday I had two appointments, the first with wound care. Unfortunately the wound, despite not getting worse, does not seem to be improving very much. The clinical manager recommended different underwear to try for better support, and also is setting me up for home health care. They will probably come only about twice a week, but the big benefit is that can get more supplies covered by insurance this way. A little inconvenience, but I am all about no charge for supplies!! I go back to wound care in three weeks.

The other appointment was with the pulmonologist. It was very brief and to the point! The doctor wrote a prescription for a new CPAP breathing machine and sleep study to make sure the pressure is right. This is a great thing because I have not been sleeping well for a long time. The other component for his surgical clearance is a breathing test, but unfortunately it was getting worked on and I have to go back Tuesday morning.

Through all this I managed to work out three to four days, and got extra steps in during a couple shopping trips!

This coming Thursday I go back to the Weight Control Center for my monthly appointments with the doctor, exercise physiologist , dietician, and psychiatrist. I don’t anticipate any problems but it is always a little stressful because I have to lose or at least maintain weight in order to count for the six month requirement. I know I am losing and a whole lot healthier but I know sometimes the scale doesn’t always show it.

I am very nervous for this Monday, even though I know I really shouldn’t be. Monday morning at 8:30 is my endoscopy for the gastrointestinal clearance. I know it is very routine, but it is something new to me, and I wasn’t expecting it to take place in the operating room. Again, it may be silly, but after all the surgeries I had growing up, I hate ORs. Hopefully they will give me something to make me very comfortable before I go back.

I will write Monday evening either here or on Facebook to let you know the procedure went, and will do a detailed entry sometime after my weight center appointment.


2 thoughts on “Trying to Smash Hurdles!

  1. Thanks for the update sweetie. And don’t be nervous you have been through much worse and you were always so brave. You even worried about me passing out after one surgery. You were so cute. Love you sweetie


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