Life gives you lemons…

I was all set to go to the gym Friday and get in more steps and time on the Nu-step. There were only two other people in the wellness center, si of course one of them was on the machine. I was a little bummed but thought I would just start with the arm cycle. I sat down, put my headphones and music on, and started peddling. I have previously done 20 minutes on this, and was going to do about the same this time. However when that time approached there was someone new on the Nu-step. I could have just stopped for the day, but I said no. I decided to break another personal record and see what I could do. I ended up cycling for 45 minutes straight and just over 5 miles!!

Never in my wildest dreams would I picture myself excited to exercise more, and continuing to break records. But I do, and I still amaze myself. I know that there will be some days that I won’t feel like exercising at all, or just doing a half hour, but now that I have seen changes in my body and want all of this to be successful, I just want to run with it (pun intended lol)!

I do hope the Nu-step is free tomorrow thoug, ha-ha, because my arms are just a little bit sore.

Love you all, and chat with you again soon!



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